White Noise Machine - Portable Sleep Sound Machine

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Ideal for anyone who struggles to fall asleep! Whether that be a newborn baby or Mom & Dad! Our portable White Noise Machine includes 20 different natural white noise sounds and not only helps you fall asleep peacefully, but helps stay asleep longer! Masks the sound of noises that may wake you, such as traffic wind and rain.


Essential for new parents. Perfect for your little ones room, not only will it help your little one relax and sleep well, but with its built in night light it will also provide them element of comfort that they are after. (Night light can be turned on and off).

Cordless! With a built in rechargeable battery, it makes this sound machine incredibly easy to travel with and can allow you to use it on the move, such as your car. Includes a USB charging cable. Battery life is 25-30 hours on a full charge.

Just want the noise whilst you fall asleep? Set a 15,30 or 60 minute timer which will automatically stop the noise after the set time.

What's in the box?

- White Noise Machine - Portable Sleep Sound Machine

- USB Charging Cable

- User Manual (8 Languages)