Sunset LED Lamp Projector

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Bring the peaceful sunset feel into your own home. Our new sunset projector makes the perfect gift for anyone of any age.

Light up any room and create a soothing atmosphere.

Choose between 3 lamps

Red Sunset (1 Color) - Gives you the warm red/orange sunset color

16 Colors (includes remote control) - Includes a remote control, allowing you to choose between 16 different colors.

Unlimited Colors (controlled by Phone app) - Control the sunset lamp straight from your phone, infinite choice of color combinations.

Works with iPhone, Android & Google devices.

The lamp itself is powered by a USB cable, Rotate the head of the lamp 180 degrees forwards or backwards. Allowing you to not only project the sunset onto your walls. But also being able to project it onto your floors and ceilings.


Lamp height: 26cm

USB Cable length: 130cm

Durable Aluminium base.