Cushioned Nest Sleep Pillow

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A peaceful place for your baby to rest and relax.

Key Benefits

✅ Anywhere & Everywhere - Whether it be on holiday or at the grandparents house, this nest is easy & convenient to travel with. Allowing it to be used wherever you go.

 Suitable From Newborn - Instantly provide comfort to your baby from day 1. The huggable design of this nest mimics the feeling of the mothers womb.

✅ Ideal For Mom & Dad! - At some point in the day you'll probably need to put your little one down, whether that be because you need a quick trip to the toilet or you need to prep a bottle. This nest offers a safe place to put your baby down during those times where you need both hands! Thanks to its huggable design, your baby won't roll or fall giving you a good peace of mind when you need it most. 

✅ Long Lasting - Not only does the nest provide newborn babies a relaxing place to rest. As they grow this pillow can also be used for play time, tummy time & sitting up.

✅ Easy To Clean - With its removable cover, this nest is very easy to keep fresh & clean for your baby. Covers & the nest itself are machine washable.

Additional covers can be purchased here. View Now

This nest pillow is easy to travel with. Can be easily folded so it won't take up too much space. You can take this on your travels with no stress. Whether that be on holiday or for a sleepover round the grandparents house!

Measurements: 75 x 42cm (29.5" x 16.5")


Covers are removable and machine washable.