Portable Electric Heater - Ultra Quiet Heating Unit

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The all in one solution for warm cosy heat in every room. Thanks to its compact and portable design you can move your new portable heater around your home with you. With the rise in energy costs this energy efficient heater is a must have.

Key Benefits

✅ Compact & Portable - Say goodbye to ugly and bulky electric heaters. This all in one solution is stylish and portable. Allowing you to move it around with ease. Pop it next to you in the living room whilst you cosy up and watch a movie. Or place it in your bedroom to keep your room warm for a good nights sleep.

✅ Energy Efficient - With rise in energy costs this is a cheaper alternative than standard heating. Rather than heating your whole home, which will increase your energy bills. Just have your new portable heater on in the room you need it in! No wasted heat and cheaper energy bills!

✅ Instant Heat - Unlike other electric heaters that require up to an hour to heat a room properly. This little portable heater gets to work straight away giving you warmth instantly. 


With 3 heat settings you can adjust the temperature to suit your own personal needs. This brilliant little electric heater is ready to use straight out of the box. Simply plug it in and watch the magic happen!


3 different heating modes

Modern sleek design

Small and compact

Ultra quiet, you won't even notice its on!

Provides you with heat instantly. No need to wait for it to slowly warm up.

Safety shut off - if you, your children or your pet accidentally knock this heater over it will automatically turn off ensure your safety.


Plug type: US

Color: Matte White With Wooden Legs

Power: 600-1100W