Ergonomic PRO Baby Carrier

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A must have for any parent! Make leaving the house a stress free experience thanks to our Ergonomic PRO Baby Carrier. A comfortable experience for both the carrier and the baby. 

Giving you more options so you can carry your little one whichever way you want to.  It's comfortable and supportive for both you and your baby. It is also adjustable for a perfect fit, whatever your body shape or size. 

Simplify travelling and make it a stress free experience. Out on a windy day? With multiple ways to use this carrier, you can attach or detach a variety of parts to suit you best. Such as the detachable windbreaker panel. Fold down the front panel, face your baby forward and let them see the world in comfort.

Most carriers allow your little one to essentially dangle without any support from underneath. Causing pressure and strain on their little legs. With this in mind we designed our PRO carrier to include a seated platform that your little one can sit on. This attachment attaches directly to the carrier as well as around the parents waist. Comfortable for both and the most comfortable way to carry your baby around.

Ready to use from birth, this carrier grows and adjusts with your baby. Our carrier can support weights up to 33lb / 15kg. 0-48 months.