Portable Air Conditioner - Ultra Quiet Energy Efficient Air Cooling Unit

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The all in one solution for cool, fresh air in every room. Thanks to its compact and portable design you can move your new portable air conditioner around your home with you. No bulky noisy air con units!

Key Benefits

✅ Compact & Portable - Say goodbye to ugly and bulky air con units. This all in one solution is stylish and portable. Allowing you to move it around with ease. Pop it next to you in the kitchen whilst you prepare food. Place it in your living space creating a cool, fresh atmosphere. And place it in your bedroom to keep that cold air moving throughout the night for a good nights sleep.

✅ Ultra Quiet - No loud droning noises that will quickly get on your nerves. Our portable air conditioner is practically silent. Making it ideal to use at night without disturbing your sleep. 

✅ Easy To Use - Simply add some water and a few ice cubes into the top of the unit. Then watch the magic happen! Powered by a USB cable means you won't need to move this air cooling unit around with a bulky plug point. And makes it ideal to use in places such as your desk, by simply plugging the USB into your laptop/computer. This will power the unit.

A must have for any home. This ideal portable air conditioner is suitable for all rooms. Taking in the uncomfortable dry hot hair this machine will give out a fresh cool breeze. Keeping any room at a comfortable cool temperature. Ideal for those humid hot days.


Choose between 7 LED light colors

Choose between 2,4,6 or 8 hour timers.

Choose between 4 breeze strength settings.

Powered by a USB cable (included) making it usable in every room


Height: 9.5". Width: 6.5". Depth: 5.6" 

Water tank capacity: 700ml

USB Cable length: 1.2m

Built in LED lighting modes. Can be turned on/off.