Backrest Pillow With Arms & Adjustable Headrest

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Specially designed to offer you maximum support to your neck and back whilst giving you ultimate comfort. Whether that be on the sofa or in bed.

A soft, removable & machine washable cover. This velour style material is soft to touch and will provide you with endless comfort. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to sit in the same position for a prolonged period of time. This pillow will keep you comfortable and alleviate any back or neck pain you may be use to. Ideal for when you are reading or watching television. 

Key Benefits

 Alleviate Back & Neck Pain - Relax for longer without getting uncomfortable or suffering from that dreaded back & neck pain. This pillow offers just the right amount of support to your middle and lower back. As well as your neck. With its adjustable headrest you can position this to your liking, giving you the ultimate relaxation position.

✅ For Your Bed & Sofa - Our pillow is ideal for use in your bed or even your couch/sofa. Get lost in your favourite book without the distraction or a sore lower back. Or binge that new Netflix show for longer in pure comfort. All whilst you can keep your phone tucked away in the included side pocket.

✅ Lush Soft Velour Cover - Soft to touch and gentle on your skin. Your new backrest pillow is covered in a beautiful velour cover. That is also removable & machine washable. Allowing you to keep it looking new and smelling fresh without any hassle. 

Not only will this pillow offer you comfort and support to your back, but thanks to its adjustable headrest you can support your head and your neck. Prop the top of the pillow up to turn it into a comfy headrest, or bring it down and rest the back of your neck on it. A great way to avoid neck pain.


Removable velour cover. Machine washable.

Phone side pocket

Adjustable head / neck rest


Height x Width

75cm x 45cm (30" x 18")