Chic Dimmable Candle Lamp Warmer

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This elegant candle warmer lamp is the perfect addition to your home, providing the perfect ambiance without the mess of a real flame. The dimmable feature allows you to set the desired amount of mood lighting for any occasion. Enjoy the effects of the candle without the hassle.

Do candle warmer lamps really work?

Do candle warmer lamps work? Yes! The heating bulb thoroughly melts wax. It's a slower process than burning a candle with a flame, but it produces a safer way to enjoy scented candles.

Is it better to burn a candle or use a warmer?

The smoke from a burning candle creates toxic fumes and can leave soot on walls or furniture. Warming a candle melts the wax from the warmth of the bulb so there is no soot produced.

Modern contemporary design -  A simplistic yet attractive design ensures this lamp will fit into any room with any decor type. 
When turned on, the heating bulb warms the wax from the top down. The slow melting process releases the candle's aroma without setting fire to the wick. Warmers are designed to keep the wax from melting away too quickly, and can ultimately help you maximize the lifespan of your scented candle.


Wooden base width: 15cm / 6 inches

Height: 35cm / 13.75 inches