Laundry Basket Organizer

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Key Benefits

✅ Stress Free Laundry! - By using our laundry basket organizer, you eliminate the time it takes you to separate all of your dirty laundry into different piles based on color. You can simply carry this basket with the provided handles to your washer and empty whichever compartment you need.

✅ Lightweight & Compact - A sturdy but lightweight aluminium frame allows you to carry this basket organizer to your washer with ease. No more ugly plastic laundry baskets or attempting to carry your laundry whilst dropping a sock everytime!

✅ Practical & Creative - Ideal for families of all sizes, college dorms and kids too. It makes the task of doing your laundry much more efficient. And can even encourage children to make sure they put their washing in the correct compartments. Making your life easier too!

A brilliant way to make sure no red socks sneak into the light load!

Both models use a foldable lightweight design and also include handles. So you can easily carry it to your washing machine without any hassle. 


Model 1: 60cm (23.5") height x 60cm (23.5") width x 40cm (15.7") depth

Model 2: 60cm (23.5") height x 75cm (29.5") width x 40cm (15.7") depth

Aluminium structure