Premium Elevated Gap Filler Wedge Pillow

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Remove the gap: Say goodbye to the frustrating crevice between your mattress and headboard that swallows your pillows, phones, or remote controls. Our innovative pillow is specifically designed to snugly fill that gap, providing support where it's needed most. 

Elevated wedge position: This premium pillow doesn't just stop you losing your belongings down the back of your bed. But can also provide a comfortable elevated sleep position. By Simply resting your existing pillows onto this wedge pillow. You can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep. Or if you prefer a flatter sleep position. Then simply place your existing pillows in front of this gap filler pillow. Thanks to its sleek and compact design, your feet won't dangle of the bed if you opt to sleep in front of the pillow. This also makes it much comfier when you are sitting up and relaxing in bed. No more leaning against uncomfortable headboards. Our premium gap filler wedge pillow provides ample support to your back, allowing you to lean against it whilst you chill in bed.


For all bed sizes: 3 sizes available, suited for twin size beds, queen size beds and king size beds. Ideal for every bed in your home. Something your whole family deserves.


Twin / Queen / King Size width

Height: 5.9 inches

Depth: 7.87 inches

Question & Answers

Question - Is this suitable for all bed sizes?

Answer - Yes, this pillow is available in 3 sizes. That perfectly fit twin, queen and king size beds. These pillows can be used for other bed sizes too.

Question - Can I easily clean this pillow?

Answer - Yes, the cover is easily removable and can be machine washed.

Question - Can I use this on my sofa?

Answer - Absolutely, many customers opt to use this on their sofas for a similar reason. To prevent remotes and phones from being lost underneath the sofa cushions. This also provides back support whilst you sit and relax on your sofa. 

Question - Do I have to sleep with my pillows on the wedge pillow?

Answer - No, we all have our own personal preferences when it comes to sleeping. Those who prefer a more elevated sleep angle can rest their pillows on the wedge. If you prefer a flatter angle, then simply place your pillows just in front of the wedge. Thanks to its sleek design your feet won't dangle off the end of the bed.