Children's Indoor/Outdoor Standing Sink

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Endless hours of fun with our hugely popular standing sink.

Key Benefits

 Fully Functional Faucet -  Simply fill up the sink with water and let the magic happen! The battery powered faucet cycles the water through, giving your little one and endless cycle of water to play with.

✅ Suitable Indoors & Outdoors - Perfect for warm summer days outside as well as a great addition to a playroom. Can be used all year round.

✅ Includes 19 Extra Accessories - Ready to use straight out of the box, this sink comes with 19 extra accessories such as dishes, utensils and food. 

✅ Removable Legs - Your child may want to use the sink on a kitchen table or hard work surface. Simply remove the legs from the sink, making it ready to use on any surface.

Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)


Something to dry their hands... and dishes!

Matching set of mini tea towels available here.

Height: 37cm (14.5 inches)

Depth: 29cm (11.5 inches)

Width: 44cm (17.3 inches)