Portable Adjustable Dual Fan Car Air Cooling Unit

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Experience unparalleled comfort on the road with our Dual Car Air Conditioner Fan, designed to attach seamlessly to your seat headrest. Whether you're combating scorching summer heat or seeking a refreshing breeze, this innovative dual fan ensures a pleasant and cool atmosphere inside your vehicle.

Fully adjustable, allowing you to direct the air flow wherever you wish. Whether thats to you (the driver) or turn and face them to the rear of the car so the back seat passengers can benefit from cool fresh air. We find most cars air conditioning benefits only the front two passengers. Using our dual fan ensures the back seat passengers experience the same level of comfort and cooling. 

Perfect for families, daily commuters, and long road trips, this fan provides efficient air circulation, enhancing your overall driving experience. 

Key Benefits

Benefits all passengers: Fully adjustable in any direction. Allowing you to direct cool air flow to any area of the car, including rear seated passengers.

Compatible with all cars: Simply plug this into your cars USB slot and its ready to go. Choose between 3 air flow speeds. Allowing you to customize your cars cooling experience.

Compact and Portable: Its compact size ensures it doesn't obstruct your view or take up much space, making it easy to store and transport when not in use.

Versatile use: Not only will this seamlessly attach to any headrest. But this can also attach to any rear view mirror. Allowing direct air flow to both front passengers. 


Power method: USB. 1.8 meter USB chord attached.

3 speed settings: Low, medium, high

360 degree adjustment