High Pressure Propeller Shower Head

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Increase water pressure with our innovative 3 mode shower head. Choose from a variety of settings for a personalized shower experience. With higher water pressure, you can enjoy a more invigorating shower that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and your hair feeling rejuvenated.

Key Benefits

✅  High Pressure Performance - Adjust the water pressure between with its built in control dial. Allowing you to have an intense high water pressure shower. Leaving your skin and hair feeling deep cleaned. Or if you're after a more relaxing wash, simply tone it down with a push of the button.

Advanced Nozzle Technology - The precision-engineered nozzles increase water velocity while minimizing water consumption, ensuring an eco-friendly yet powerful shower experience.

✅ Easy Install - Ready to go in a matter of seconds. Simply attach the shower head to your existing water hose in your shower and its ready to go. 

Whats included?

1x High Pressure Propeller Shower Head

4x filters*

*The filters are replaceable and we recommend changing them every 3-4 months. Each filter is made from a 7 layer cotton blend. Absorbing any impurities in the water. Giving you only the cleanest water in your shower.