Luxury Swan Neck Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

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Indulge in the ultimate comfort and support with our Luxury Swan Neck Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, designed to cradle you in serene bliss throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond. 

Key Benefits

✅ Just The Right Size: Traditional U-Shaped pregnancy pillows are far too large. Causing a variety of issues such as overheating. Uncomfortable to sleep with and take up too much room in your bed, leaving your partner with little to no room at all. Our Luxury Swan Neck Pillow is the perfect size just for you. Offering you full support from your legs and your bump, all the way up to your shoulders and head.

Beyond Pregnancy: Whether you're sleeping, lounging, reading, or nursing, this pillow adapts to your needs. Its flexible design allows you to position it in multiple ways, providing comfort and support wherever you need it most. This isn't a pillow you'll only use for a few months. This will help you in your pregnancy and beyond. Such as nursing. Or if you simply struggle to find comfort in bed you'll find huge benefits using this pillow. You don't have to be pregnant to use it!

Breathable and Cool: The pillow is designed with breathable fabric that promotes air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The high-quality filling maintains its shape and support, ensuring durability and resilience.


  • Dimensions: 44 inches (length) x 25 inches (width) x 6 inches (height)

  • Cover Material: Cotton & Polyester Breathable Hypoallergenic Blend
  • Filling: High-density, hypoallergenic polyfiber
  • Washing Instructions: Remove cover. Gentle machine wash. Air dry.