Knitted Sleep Bag With Hood

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Sleeping bags are a great way to keep your baby snug without the need for loose bed sheets or blankets. Stylish knitted exterior with side buttons. Easily turn your new knitted sleeping bag into a blanket or a surface for your baby to sleep on. 

Key Benefits

✅ No Irritation - A soft fur interior, delicate against your babies skin causing no irritation. Allowing them to relax & sleep undisturbed. 

✅ Easy To Clean - We all know babies can accidentally create a lot of mess! Well don't worry, this sleep bag just needs a quick machine wash & it will be fresh & clean again for your baby.

✅ Opens Up - Open up your sleeping bag. Making it a soft and padded place for your little one to sleep. Ideal when it begins to get warmer. Keeping your little one comfortable without overheating.

Complete with a soft hood, cute ears and a tail.  

Size: 40x70cm (15.75" x 27.5")